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Schmidt's Girls College

Schmidt-Schule is an institution of the German Association of the the Holy Land (DVHL) and was established in 1886 as an all-girls Private Catholic School. The Congregation of Jesus (CJ), also known as The Mary Ward Sisters, is the school’s trust body and lives on the compound in the Paulus-Haus building.

The objective of the school has always been to offer an education for girls to the highest level. Schmidt-Schule is one of the leading schools in Jerusalem, providing its students access to the world’s leading universities. At present 500 girls of Christian and Muslim faith benefit from this education.

Since 2008 Schmidt - Schule has been one of 140 official schools considered as ‘German Schools Abroad’ and in 2015 was fully accredited by the German authorities as an ‘International German School Abroad of Excellency’. Therefore, the Schmidt - Schule provides not only the local High School certificate, the Tawjihi but also the German High School certificate, the Abitur.

Since more than 150 years The German Association of the Holy Land (DVHL) has served as a bridge between the German Christians and the people of the Holy Land, Focusing on Charitable and educational projects in the Holy Land.