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Cultural Tours

We hope that the tours mentioned here will contribute to make your stay both interesting and unforgettable.

The tours are designed to help you discover the most interesting places in the West Bank and Gaza . At the same time, they aim at providing you with background information about the life, history and current situation of the Palestinian people.

Estimated time Long: 3 – 5 Hours, Short: 2 – 3 Hours

Estimated time 3 – 4 Hours

Jerusalem is the city of trade, handicrafts, and souvenirs.  Hence, its markets have occupied the central axes, with shops and stores numbering in the thousands.  Throughout the ages, it has traded in various goods and commodities. Most of its markets are covered with barrel vaults, giving a special flavor of enjoyment to shopping.


Trail’s Character and Stations



Estimated time 3 – 4 Hours

Al-Isra and Al-Mi’raj

The miracle of Isra' and Mi'rajhasconnected Mecca and Jerusalem with a perpetual mutual holy bond, and transformed Jerusalem into a gateway to heaven, giving it an outstanding status in Islam.  Based on this concept, the most important Islamic structures were built in this city.


Trail’s Nature and Stations

Additional Information

  • All tours leave from the Jerusalem Hotel

  • Rates include tour guide and transportation

  • Minimum number of participants is 5

  • Tailor made additional tours are available

  • Tours can also be arranged on days other than indicated

  • Arabic nights: Palestinian food and traditional music can also
     be arranged